Will the tops be longer?
Yes, all tops come in 30 inches starting from top of shoulder!

Do you carry other colors?
Yes, more colors are coming soon. Please email chiquita@scrubheights.com for specific colors!

What colors will be available in the next batch?
So far the next batch will consist of white, dark grey, sky blue, pink and burgundy. We understand colors are named differently however, we do carry similar colors.

What are the inseam of the pants?
All pants are 38 inches beside the joggers. Joggers are 36 inches!

Is there a wholesale option?
Yes, please email us at chiquita@scrubheights.com  

How long will items take to ship?
Launch date is Aug 30 2021. Orders should be in by the end of the month. Production time usually takes anywhere from 20-50 days to produce due to them being custom. First batch of shipment is expected to be here first week of September. Once received please expect 3-5 business to receive items.

Do you need brand ambassadors?
Yes! If interested please email chiquita@scrubheights.com

What are the care instructions?
Wash cold inside out and tumble dry low.

Are scrubs shrink proof?

Are scrubs able to be hemmed?
Yes, all scrubs all able to be hemmed if they are too long for you. We prefer more fabric than not enough!

What other items do you offer?
At this time, we only offer scrubs. Scrub jackets are coming soon!

Are there any promotions, discounts or other offers?
Yes, free shipping if you purchase before Aug 30, 2021