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Scrub Heights is a fashionable medical scrub line that was created to cater to taller women. Standing 6’3 herself, owner and founder of Scrub Heights, Chiquita Knox, who is also a registered nurse, has endured the same struggles of not being able to find scrubs to compliment her body type and length.

So, she decided to make this line to help women like herself be more confident in wearing scrubs. Scrub Heights was created to uplift and empower women like yourself to stand tall, proud, beautiful, and confident.  Self-love is important and so is being confident in clothing as well. As a taller woman, your presence deserves attention.

Our goal is “NO ONE LEFT BEHIND”; we all know what that feels like and that’s why Scrub Heights will be available in different lengths and sizes. Be bold, be beautiful, be confident, be radiant and most of all, STAND PROUD, QUEENS!